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How to start an Internet business - Top Ideas for COVID - 19

The Internet is an amazing network where you can learn things ad infinitum. A majority of people have access to it almost constantly and use it to have information about any kind of subject. But, it can also be used as a tool to start off a business online and this way, generate money from home or while traveling for example. Here are our top ideas of things you could try!

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Here some ideas...

If you want to use the Internet without having to deal with material stuff like merchandise, equipment, products, etc, you could learn more about trading or dropshipping. The first one will be a good way for you to purchase and sell products using an online platform. You will obviously have to learn about stocks, international currencies, bonds, and other useful instruments. Concerning the dropshipping, you will be able to sell products without needing them physically. The goal will be for you to make a profit while selling it. You could also create an app if you feel like it could work better than with a website and launch it on Google Play or Apple Store. Although, you will probably require some help to design and code it before.

Some long-term projects

If you have a little bit more time in your hands and want to start a long-term project, you could launch an online shop. If you already thought of a brand that you would like to create, that would be the perfect moment to do so. First, you will need to make a complete market research, realize a benchmarking, create a business plan, and take care of the logistics part.  

We also give you the idea to create a website not to sell a product this time but to sell your knowledge. You could create an online academy to teach about different subjects like photography, filmmaking, marketing, economy, languages. If you have good mates ready to help you, you could ask them to make videos teaching or even going live with you on an Instagram page linked to your website.

For any student out there

The two last ideas we want to give you can be applied by students that can't really put much time or money to launch something online. It can be something else than a business... like an online project, for example, that will profit you in the future or keep you busy for a while. Let's imagine that you are studying graphic design, you could create a small blog on platforms like WordPress or Behance to use it as an online portfolio. On this blog, you would post your designs, your graphic projects, everything that you are capable to do. This would be extremely useful the day you will want to work for a company or find an internship. You will just need to send this website to show them why they could need you specifically and not someone else.

Indie Studio Laureles

Finally, you could also create your own podcast on Spotify or any other music platform. This will be your free space to talk about your passions, to teach things, share information, create.

There are tons of things you can do to start your business online. So many articles will give you ideas, explain to you the different steps you have to take, and the mistakes you could avoid while launching something. The only thing you need is to trust yourself and your ideas, keep being creative, and never stop trying.

- Soraya B. #SafeNomad Resident

13 May 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


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