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How our coliving is made to inspire creative minds?

A coliving is, first of all, a shared housing where residents share living and working spaces along a nomad digital way of life. Basically, everybody is working on their businesses under the same roof. You could probably think that the working areas are the most important to enable residents to network together on their projects but it isn't always true. Indeed, in our coliving we truly provide a creative zone for our tenants. 

Indie Studio Laureles

A creative atmosphere 

Living in a creative coliving is definitively a plus to all of our inventive minds out there as it can help to boost creativity. Our coliving spaces are made exclusively of vivid colors and & instagrammable areas. This provides a good amount of content to people working in this kind of industry. Indeed, when each space of a building is originally filled, it can only inspire the ones living in it. It gives a constant background to shoot photos or videos. Every nook can be used to create a beautiful scene for any type of creative content. There are even spaces that have open areas as courtyards or rooftops. This is a plus that you should take into consideration if you are searching for a nice building to live in. Having access to an outdoor space additionally provided with a beautiful view is a true boost to imagination. It will give you the peace and comfort to fully focus on creating and giving absolute freedom to your mind.  

Indie Studio Laureles

Activate your creativity 

Sometimes the space you are living in is just not enough to activate creativity. That is why we organize activities to reinforce the feeling of community within the building. These activities can be oriented towards team-building moments, gastronomy,sport, arts, etc. Sharing this time with the other residents will enable the creative minds to confront their ideas, share their vision or life, and just be genuinely inspired. Making part of a community that is as inspirational as one full of digital nomads lead by amazing projects, can only bring more and more creativity to one's soul. Inspiration doesn't come only by being in a colorful space and looking at a beautiful view, it can be stimulated by the experiences you live with others. And, Indie is THE place to be if you want to be carried away in a whirlwind of ideas and creativity.


- Soraya B. #SafeNomad Resident

10 M 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


Join our community of creatores in one of the coolest areas of Medellin, Laureles! Enjoy the studio rentals in our coliving, or create from our coworking spaces and content LAB

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