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How it is to live in Laureles neighborhood - Medellín?

Laureles? What's that?

Laureles is one of many neighborhoods composing Medellin city, as La Floresta, Santa Lucia, or even Belen. The distinctive characteristic of Laureles is that it is more of a residential neighborhood that enables one to live more of a local living experience there. Laureles is also less expensive than some other areas as El Poblado for example that is way more touristic and festive. I would say that it is a good compromise between being a foreigner in Colombia that wants to connect with other digital nomads and being more integrated into the true local life.

The benefits of living there

The big positive point of Medellin is that despite being the second-largest city in Colombia, it is extremely green. Laureles is so even more because it has a lot of parks as the First and Second Park of Laureles for example. The whole neighborhood is walkable and a true paradise for cyclists and runners.

Laureles also has the advantage of being extremely well located. It is close to the metro station "Estadio" where we obviously have the stadium which is the perfect place to either watch football games and work out in the different areas around it. 

You can also find good fitness centers next to the best salsa clubs in the city. Indeed, even though Laureles is not as popular as El Poblado when it comes to party, it has an extremely famous avenue called “La 70” which is full of reggaeton and salsa clubs.

You will also find many local shops with natural products at very good prices. Living in Laureles feels like being close to everything that you need to be healthy and entertained. When it comes about bigger shopping centers, there are some pretty close to this neighborhood too. Unicentro and Arcadia are my favorite ones.

In Laureles, there are also a bunch of students due to the fact that there is the University Pontificia Bolivariana which is one of the best universities in the city. I like the student campus vibe around.

Bonus for digital nomads

If you are a digital nomad, you would probably love Laureles because it has the best coworking areas in the whole city. Indeed, it is full of inspirational workplaces that highlight a different atmosphere, conducive to creativity. It is one of the safest places of Medellin and even if it is less touristic than other areas, it is perfectly suitable for digital nomads. 

Although, I would advise anyone living there to not hang out alone after a certain hour. When the night comes, some parts of Laureles tend to be deserted so it is better to be cautious.

Overall, if you come to Medellin, you will obviously discover amazing parts of the city that will probably attract you more but, Laureles is one of the best options when it comes to setting up as a foreigner.

#staysafe #bekind

- Soraya Bouchigha - Made in France

Traveler and student

23 J 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


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