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How is it to spend quarantine in a coliving space ?

First steps in...

To be honest I have never lived in a coliving space before. When the opportunity of doing so knocked, I must admit that I didn't know what to expect especially because... we are in quarantine.

Quarantine has been such a draining experience for so many of us. It felt like a roller coaster sometimes, playing with our emotions. Going from putting things into perspective to stressing out while trying to maintain some mental peace in here. I was truly wondering how to manage the whole situation while having to share space and time with strangers. What if it doesn't work out as I expect it?

Indie Studio Laureles

A gasp of joyfulness in a heavy atmosphere

All these concerns disappeared from the moment I entered into the coliving space. I directly have been well welcomed here and bonded with my neighbors across the landing. I started to meet new pals that all became in a way my roommates as we all live in a shared building. From the first week, I felt carried away by a nice vibe, a feeling of peace because I knew I could count on others from now on and I would not feel lonely anymore. Spending the quarantine in a coliving space is like having a family far from home and going through this experience together. What is necessary though is finding balance between living in this small community and respecting the quarantine rules. It is all about responsibility in some ways.

The advantages it has

Living in a coliving space during quarantine was also a way for me to keep myself busy and motivated. Experiencing social distancing, alone, locked in an apartment, was making it hard to set goals and remain focused on my job. In a coliving space, there are always people working and motivating you at the same time. I have met really inspiring digital nomads with who I got to have nice chats about remote jobs, new ideas that could be implemented, or even opinions about businesses.

I was pleasantly surprised when I figured out that in more of my little apartment and workspaces, I had gym equipment and even a rooftop. Most of the coliving space has an outdoor zone that can be a balcony, a garden, or a rooftop. And trust me, it is valuable to have an area where you can breathe and admire the city when being locked for so long. I would even add that some coliving spaces work hard to provide activities to the residents locked as classes of yoga or pilates through a wellness program. Everything is made for us to respect the pandemic rules while making our stay more enjoyable and fun!

- Soraya B. #SafeNomad Resident

13 May 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


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