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Essentials to thrive a remote work

We are all going through an uncertain time right now. The world sometimes seems to collapse and it can be hard to cope with anxiety and stress while working remotely. Here is some advice that could help you to do well in your remote job.

Maintain your wellbeing

The first thing you should do is create a new working routine. So many things have changed lately and your way to organize yourself and manage stuff should change too. You must take time for you outside of your working hours and think about your mental health to be able to keep being productive these days. Meditation is a big plus that you should include in your routine as it will help you to clear your mind out and focus on the tasks you have to do.

Even if the COVID is making it difficult, try to go out at least one hour per day and appreciate the present moment instead of thinking about the next email you need to send or the important call you have to make. Exercising will compensate for all the hours you spent sitting at your desk. Healthy habits have to be taken even more when going through a stressful time to keep making a good job for your clients, colleagues, and more importantly, for yourself.

It is not enough to just wake up in the morning and work, work, work until going to sleep. Having your mind in a good mental state, eating healthy, exercising, reflecting on your life, distracting yourself, must be part of your working routine, and all of that will definitely help to be more efficient. That is why you should also schedule some time to relax and get yourself into an activity that you like, something not « useful » but that you love to do. Maintaining your wellbeing is the first step to take to do a good job.

Organize your work

After creating a routine that will help you to work better while maintaining balance with your personal life, here is some advice to organize your work. First, create a healthy workplace. Your environment is extremely important as you will be there for the whole day. If you work from home, try eating and sleeping in a different room if possible. If you are traveling while remotely working, a coworking place and a coliving would be the ideal spots as it would also enable you to meet other people.

Second, communicate. Having a remote job does not mean cutting yourself from the rest of your team and if you are a freelancer, from the rest of the world. Having a Zoom meeting, calling your colleagues, or your manager, exchanging daily will help to maintain good energy and vibes.

Third, do not focus on your work hours more than on your goals. Analyze the tasks you need to do during the day or the week and to focus on that. What matters is not the number of hours you will work but how effective you will be while doing so. This will help you to focus on one objective at a time and thrive at your remote work.

To sum up, to work well and peacefully, you need to create a healthy routine that includes free time and a moment to take care of your physical and mental health. You also need to have a good work environment that will push you to fully focus and give your best, to stay communicated with other people, and most importantly, to not overstress and take one thing at a time. 

#staysafe #bekind

- Soraya Bouchigha - Made in France

Traveler and student

23 J 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


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