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A month as a digital nomad at Indie Studio

It has been a month since I´ve been living in Indie Studio as a digital nomad and here is a glimpse of how I organized my time here.

My morning routine 

I usually start my day early in the morning because it pushes me to be active as soon as I get up. Thus, I initiate it with a meditation session more or less long to relax and clear out my mind before starting to be productive. Then I go to the beautiful rooftop of this creative and colorful building to either read or write a little. I really like taking some time to educate myself, write down my thoughts, reflect on what is going on in the world, and also organize the day I will face. 

The rooftop is a true advantage for all Indie Studio´s residents as it has enabled us to enjoy the weather and breath during this quarantine. In the morning, Laureles neighborhood streets are very peaceful and relaxing which makes it even better. 

Indie, a place to be productive 

From this moment until 1 p.m. my life is full of work. I answer my emails, have most of my calls and meetings, work, and study. At Indie´s first floor, there is plenty of space with desks and chairs to have nice work sessions at the same time as other residents. This environment enables me to stay focused without being tempted to go back to sleep and also to socialize with the other residents. There is a new coworking space with comfortable chairs, free drinks, and creative environment that all residents are using free of charge. I really like this.

When it comes to lunchtime, I try to favor local restaurants when ordering food. All of them have been hardly affected by the economic impact of Covid-19 and they are doing their best to keep operating. It feels good to help in some way. 

There are a lot of healthy local places in the neighborhood, around Indie that offer many options every day. Walking around is really nice, safe, and calm. There are trees everywhere.

Indie Studio Laureles

Exploring the city

Usually, I keep the afternoon to go out and visit the city. I try to explore a new area every two days or so. My goal is to go out of Laureles that I already know thanks to Indie and to discover new neighborhoods, new shops, new restaurants, new parks, etc. What is great about being in a coliving space is that you always meet new people, ready to come with you on new adventures.

Indie is located close to metro stations and bus stops, so moving around from here is super easy.

Once I'm done with tourism, I work out. I think it is very important to balance mental peace, with work and also physical activity. In Indie, there is an 8th-floor gym that has great training equipment such as dumbbells, weights, and even a boxing bag which makes it cool and easier. All these, of free use for all residents.

Time to relax

Finally, before the sun goes down, some residents (also friends now) and I meet up on the rooftop to enjoy the sunset which is always incredible in Medellin. It is the perfect moment for me to keep learning photography and train with such a beautiful view.
This whole month in Indie has been really rewarding as it has enabled me to meet new people and work on my goals. This place is an excellent spot to learn new things and develop creativity. It is indeed a universe of experience full of color and good vibes.

- Soraya Bouchigha - Made in France

Traveler and student

19 J 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


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