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10 types of people you will meet in Indie Studio

Did you ever ask yourself what it would feel like to live in a Coliving? And more! What kind of people would you get to meet there? Well... let me enlighten you about that.

The official chef

Cooking all day long (like literally) and for everybody (free food you guys !). He always has his door open and will invite you to share a meal with him at any moment. The best part is that he is an expert so say bye to your pasta and your canned food and appreciate his improvised meals, worthy of a five-stars restaurant. This is definitively the one you want as your neighbor across the landing (trust me).  

I usually start my day early in the morning because it pushes me to be active as soon as I get up. Thus, I initiate it with a meditation session more or less long to relax and clear out my mind before starting to be productive. Then I go to the beautiful rooftop of this creative and colorful building to either read or write a little. I really like taking some time to educate myself, write down my thoughts, reflect on what is going on in the world, and also organize the day I will face. 

The rooftop is a true advantage for all Indie Studio´s residents as it has enabled us to enjoy the weather and breath during this quarantine. In the morning, Laureles neighborhood streets are very peaceful and relaxing which makes it even better. 

Indie, a place to be productive 

From this moment until 1 p.m. my life is full of work. I answer my emails, have most of my calls and meetings, work, and study. At Indie´s first floor, there is plenty of space with desks and chairs to have nice work sessions at the same time as other residents. This environment enables me to stay focused without being tempted to go back to sleep and also to socialize with the other residents. There is a new coworking space with comfortable chairs, free drinks, and creative environment that all residents are using free of charge. I really like this.

When it comes to lunchtime, I try to favor local restaurants when ordering food. All of them have been hardly affected by the economic impact of Covid-19 and they are doing their best to keep operating. It feels good to help in some way. 

There are a lot of healthy local places in the neighborhood, around Indie that offer many options every day. Walking around is really nice, safe, and calm. There are trees everywhere.

Your personal life coach

This person will always give you the best pieces of advice when she meets you in the hallway. Every time that you feel a little down, not really motivated to do anything, and just drown in laziness, she is the one that pushes you to do better. She is very good at making you accomplish more tasks and even work out.

Mr. Know-it-all

There is also another type of person that will also want to give you bits of advice... Mr. Know-it-all. He is a living encyclopedia, capable of answering all your questions. He will gladly spend hours responding to any of your interrogations about literally any subjects existing. Up to you to check the validity of what he says on Google afterward (just saying).

The workaholic

Let's keep going with the workaholic because we all know there is always one out there. You will see her work all day long. No matter what you could do, this one is always going to be at the office before you and leave after anyone else. Rumors say that you can even meet her in the middle of the night working on "some stuff that gotta be done, bro".

The drinker

On a different note, we have the drinker. I am not saying that this one does not work, he does obviously. He is just always down to drink one (several actually) shot of tequila. Fun fact: he keeps up with alcohol better than anyone in the coliving so do not try to compete with him during a party or you could wake up really really dizzy the morning after.

The singer

By the way, for the parties, there is no need to worry because, in a coliving, there is always a singer. This one, trust me, you hear her coming from far. She basically sings and sings and sings all day long. Impossible to get bored with her. She is the light of the party, always down to organize karaokes. What a shame that she doesn't come with a turn off button sometimes.

The peace and love maker

I guess this one is number seven. The "zen attitude" one. The peace and love maker. You will never meet anyone more calm, peaceful, and relaxed than this one right here. He starts the day with meditation and ends it with a yoga session by the light of the moon. Always smiley, he is positive mostly all the time and will irradiate only good energy. You better open your chakra if you want him to appreciate you.

The antisocial

Okay now, let's get on another mood with the antisocial one. She lives in a coliving but doesn't like being around people too much. She will only wave at you or smile awkwardly to say hi. Do not expect to find her in social reunion because that ain't her cup of tea. She's actually nice, just shy... I guess. I don't know actually.

The talkative

Anyway, on the contrary, we have the talkative and if you ever been to a coliving before, you know who I am talking about. He just talks too much, all day long, every time he sees you. Even though he will always have good comments about mmh... business ideas or the latest news on TV, he just talks too much. But the positive point is that he always has interesting things to say (or not).

The doyen

And to end up, there is always the doyenne of the coliving. Full of wise bits of advice, she is willing to share her experience with you whenever you need it. She knows how to take care of everybody and spread good energy within the building. Don't be too fooled by the appearances though, she is often the craziest one.  

At the end, being surrounded by all these different characters is something awesome to experience. You will get to exchange with people you would have maybe not talk to in your daily life and will get used to socialize literally with everybody. This will enrich your stay in a coliving and enable you to meet new friends.

- Soraya Bouchigha - Made in France

Traveler and student

02 J 2020

Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


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